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Walk in your new Reebok shoes

Walking is part of life. You always need to move from one point to the other, even while you are working, right? But, have you ever walked with tight, uncomfortable shoes? At times, the experience is so bad, you wish to throw them on the streets and walk barefoot. That is why comfort is a priority when choosing the right walking footwear. Another criteria is the purpose of the shoe. For example, you may have official leather shoes for the office. The problem is, such shoes usually either bulky, tight or downright ugly. As a result, you get the feeling that they are suffocating your feet. Thankfully, designers have come up with comfortable walking shoes to address those issues.

How do you choose the right walking footwear?

The best walking shoes will have you covered the whole day, no matter what activities you handle. Go for shoes that allow your feet to breathe, with comfortable cushioning. That will help support your feet on those long days when you don't have time to keep changing your shoes. It's also advisable to go for shoes with enough space in the toe box to avoid friction and injuries. On the other hand, you need shoes with slip-resistant outsoles, to offer you a firm grip on slippery floors. Lastly, who needs to buy shoes every month? Durability is an essential factor that you can't ignore, and that goes hand in hand with quality.

How do you get the best experience from your walking shoes?

Owning a pair of comfortable shoes is a satisfying experience, but you can spice up the feeling with some cotton socks; this will make you more relaxed and prevent soaking when your feet get sweaty. For those who love to wear shorts, low-cut socks with ribbed cuffs give you a stylish look when combined with beautiful walking shoes. You can also grab a pair of pants; for a great look and a comfortable feel, you can consider mesh-lined pants with lightweight woven fabric, woven cuffed pants or open hem pants.