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Thrive in Reebok's Velcro trainers

With great Velcro strength, comes great sustainability. Thrive in confidence with the over-performing classic, a Velcro trainer. With its vibrant and neutral colours, it leaves nothing that every man, woman, and child, wouldn’t love. Make your statement with these show stopping pieces. Life should be lived in motion, and what’s more powerful and motivating than a tight grip fastener?

Velcro shoe - a timeless classic

Who needs laces anyway? Suitable for all with its easy and accessible strap, operated by a runner mid-stride, or by a young child. The strong grip will improve optimal performance for an all sports occasion. With its laceless technology, and impressive yet simple mechanism, its style will never expire. It’s simply a classic. Make a classic statement in Reebok's sneakers with Velcro! Durable, lightweight, and breathable, these trainers will keep your footing, no matter the occasion. Sporty yet understated, bright yet fashionable, complete the look with a simple piece from the Reebok classic collection. Besides, there’s nothing more classic than a simple and reliable than a Velcro strapped trainer.

Make memories in Reebok trainers

Velcro shoes don’t define the ages. With their fun-loving, playful yet chic design, you’ll see your child reach milestones. Friends and family will make memories in neutral toned or pastel-coloured pieces, all for the price of these Reebok must-haves. Its strong features will never age, and neither will the customer for this classic trainer. You’ll have yourself feeling as if your time is endless, and anything is achievable, all with the comfort and strength that comes with a simple shoe. Create memories and complete milestones with these timeless footwear pieces. Take a first step, run your first marathon, walk on the moon, the possibilities are endless. These trainers will have you thinking you're walking on air, and that you can even defy gravity. After all, Velcro is space approved.