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You’ll get a kick out of our Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) shorts

Mixed martial arts fans - as well as those who practice the sport - will get a kick out of our dynamic UFC shorts, which can provide some punch to your seasonal or year-round training schedule in addition to your leisure wear wardrobe. Pure nylon weave and a blend of French terry cloth, cotton and polyester give these shorts a lightweight feel and the elastic waist is fitted with a drawstring to fit you comfortably and securely during training or everyday wear. Models are available in slim fit or regular fit versions with slip-in pockets for your hands and personal effects.

Kickstart your training modules wearing Reebok UFC shorts

Kickstart your mixed martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing workout modules with a pair of Reebok UFC shorts, which are cut to allow you great flexibility for the lightning fast offensive strikes and defensive countermeasures that are crucial to your overall performance in the ring and can lead to a successful victory. They are adaptable for seasonal football or cricket drills on the pitch and summer pick-up games on the basketball court and can also be applied for casual wear purposes so you can wear them to a night at the fights or a chilled-out evening at home.

UFC shorts form part of an impressive collection of apparel and accessories

If you are impressed with our selection of UFC shorts, we guarantee you will be even more impressed with our complete collection of UFC gear, which includes attractive tees, durable joggers and stylish hoodies as exercise or relaxed wear clothing options. There is also a cool assortment of headwear that includes trucker and baseball caps, as well as beanies and a few spacious backpacks and duffel bags, all of which make practical accessory items. Most of the products in our collection feature bold, graphic displays of the famous UFC logo so their fans and admirers can wear them with pride.