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Leather sneakers that combine comfort and protection with a sleek look

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that guarantees your feet optimal protection during your training session, or as you’re going about your daily chores, then you’ll love this selection of leather trainers by Reebok. In addition to their greater durability and waterproof characteristics, shoes with a leather upper will give your foot stability and help you stay in control when you need it the most. For additional control over the fit look for a pair with laces, and if you’re time conscious and like to get going in no time then you’ll love styles equipped with a hook-and-loop closure.

Reebok leather trainers offering optimal support and technologies

When wearing leather trainers by Reebok you’ll be able to take every step with confidence knowing that you have the best technologies and designs supporting you, starting with a rubber outsole which will give your shoes a superior grip on most surfaces. Comfort within your shoes starts with lightweight cushioning, which will enable you to make the most out of your energy, while the addition of perforations will make your shoes more breathable and enable you to keep that fresh feeling on the inside when the temperature warms up on the outside.

Colours and styles of leather trainers that match your personality and outfit

Thanks to the availability of Reebok leather trainers in a large selection of colours and designs, not only will you be able to step out looking modern and sleek, but you’ll be able to do so with a style that suits your preferences and your personality. Match your new pair of shoes with a pair of Reebok trousers and a Reebok t-shirt to complete the casual look, find a pair of Reebok socks for 360 degrees of foot protection, and don’t forget to find a Reebok bag so you can easily transport your exercise gear to and from training.