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Train confidently in your Reebok trail running shorts

Being in touch with nature when you’re training can bring great peace of mind, which is why we firmly believe in the power of being outdoors in the fresh air. Nevertheless, when you’re out in the elements there are certain details that need to be considered, such as the unpredictability of the weather and the different seasons of the year. We want you to feel comfortable come rain or shine, which is why we’ve designed our range of trail running shorts to suit your fitness needs and help make a fashion statement while you’re at it.

Get ready for any occasion with Reebok trail shorts for men and women

Our selection of outdoor running shorts is vast and features a variety of styles. A popular option for both men and women is our two-in-one shorts, which consist of woven outer shorts with fitted inner shorts to give you support and compression underneath while feeling relaxed and comfortable on top. Our lightweight trail shorts are also good options for pleasant summer and spring days, allowing for plenty of ventilation and available in neutral or bright colours. Our compression briefs are also good options for those looking for extra support during intense workouts. All of our shorts are designed with Speedwick technology, which keeps your body cool and dry by wicking sweat away from your skin. Long gone are the days of chaffing and irritation! Make the most of your training session with the right pair of Reebok trail shorts.

Pair off your trail shorts with the right training shoes

Start off your training session on the right foot by choosing a pair of running shoes that work well with rain, snow or mud. These shoes feel soft and cushioning on the inside, and are designed to absorb impact while you run. The outsoles are designed to offer maximum traction on uneven terrain and deliver stability and confidence moving forward. Should the weather call for it, complete your look with our long-sleeved trail running tops and waterproof windbreakers and brave the great outdoors.