Trail running clothing


Smash the finish line with the right trail running clothes

Choose clothes that help you get where you want to go instead of standing in your way. Our range of trail running clothing for both men and women is designed to optimise comfort and functionality whilst still looking stylish. The Speedwick fabric used in our clothes works hard to keep you cool, driving sweat away from your body to keep you dry, while the additional ventilation mesh helps avoid over-heating and irritation. Our garments are also lightweight and give you the freedom to move unrestricted without feeling weighed down.

Train hard in any weather with Reebok trail running clothing

Don’t let unpredictable weather ruin your training plans. Pick from our wide selection of trail running clothes, including our shorts, tights, track pants, short- and long-sleeved shirts and our snug windbreakers for when the weather turns chilly and wet. Our designs are here to suit your specific needs, whether you want a relaxed or a slim fit, or are even looking for compression clothing that gives you plenty of support during high-intensity training. Our trail running clothing also comes in a range of bright colours that make you stand out and keep you safe in the dark. Get ready to rock your goals any time of day or night.

Find the right pair of Reebok trainers to complete your running outfit

You’re not ready to climb over that hill until you’ve got the best possible support on your feet. Our running trainers are designed to be tough and durable, but still soft and cushioning on your feet. The technology employed in our trainers absorbs the damaging impact on your feet when you run, and the breathable mesh gives you extra ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry – after all, who needs blisters after an intense running session? What’s more, our running trainers come in a variety of designs and colours. When it comes to making a fashion statement with your footwear, we can guarantee you won’t be short of options to show off your signature style and make your mark in the world.