Tights for schoolgirls

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School girls’ tights for all occasions

Whether you’re a top field athlete at your school or a budding sports star, Reebok’s school girl tights will give you that pop of energy that will take you from the track to your after-school activities with ease. With a vast collection of cotton, elastane, nylon and Speedwick fabric choices, these school tights are all designed with comfort, flexibility, sweat control and, of course, body confidence in mind. With either a classic full-length legging or a pair of training shorts, high- or medium-rise waists, you can instantly turn up the volume on your sports day and aim for new heights in colourful and exclusive style.

Competition needs the right attire

As a competitive player you know what’s at stake. You need sportswear that can keep up with your pace and help you crush your personal best each time you step on to the playing field. School girl tights will give you that confidence boost, knowing you’re out there sweat free, feeling agile and flexible in your attire and, of course, looking toned and perfectly shaped with the help of a skin-like fit. Nothing can stop you making your mark on the world when you’re dressed accordingly, and these school leggings are perfect for boosting your confidence to maximum heights.

School tights to bend and breathe in

Easy breathability makes all Reebok’s school girl leggings the perfect solution for those long endurance races, after-school training sessions and relaxed sport socials. Make activewear your personal style by mixing it up with some of our classic sportswear items. Slip on a trendy full-zip hoodie for cool-downs or a pair of sweat-controlling socks to give you confidence for hours, even after you’ve smashed your goals. With all the bold colours and designs available, you’ll know your wardrobe will only be outmatched by your performance.