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The Animals Observatory


Reebok’s The Animals Observatory line features fantastic shoes for kids

To give your kids bespoke and tailored products that combine a sophisticated style with practicality, delve into Reebok’s The Animals Observatory line – a fantastic collaboration for kids. This line of trainers come in various colours to easily individualise your child’s style and give them the shoe they are looking for. Clean and traditional designs impress with modern innovations that keep children’s feet safe when they explore the world outside, while adding the style of an aspiring athletic fashionista. Extras like inserted midsoles add comfort and security to growing feet.

Support and design equip your child’s foot with The Animals Observatory collection

Small feet that are still growing will benefit from high-quality shoes that keep the feet and ankles secure for any outdoor adventure. In order to provide more safety for your kids, our trainers from The Animal Observatory collection feature rubber outsoles for additional traction and grip that can endure almost any terrain. To bounce off developing ankles and knees effortlessly, our added midsoles provide lightweight cushioning, and the leather and nylon upper gives a locked-in feeling. Grooved profiles give even more grip to the shoe, and colourful patterns in bold tones make it a fantastic choice for kids.

The Animals Observatory - a kids’ shoe line inspired by retro details

Although we equip our trainers with the latest innovations in shoe technology, the outer design of many of our The Animals Conservatory trainers line reminds us of the 1980s era of sneakers. The traditional, clean and simple look matches every look of your child, may it be athletic leggings or casual jeans. The design pays homage to Reebok’s earliest designs and reminds us why these models were so popular in the first place. Celebrating retro chic while enjoying the fine quality of today is a walk in the park with these shoes – and the only way to make them look even cooler is to complete the style with Reebok’s kids’ accessories, like our colourful backpacks.