Get comfortable in purpose-made swimwear

Whether you’re lounging at the beach or powering through laps at the pool, it’s important to be fitted out in stylish and performance-engineered swimwear. This range of Reebok designs is made from lightweight materials, including polyester, elastane and nylon. The models have quick-drying attributes and won’t slow you down as you travel through the water. Chlorine-resistant fabrics ensure the swimwear can be worn for long periods in the pool without losing shape or colour. Multi-directional stretch fabrics respond to the pull of your limbs, allowing unrestricted movement without the need for loose material. Opt for a style with considerable coverage and UV 50+ protection if you tend to spend hours out in the sun.

Reebok swimsuits that reflect your character

Female styles are available in a selection of products including bra tops, bikini bottoms, one-piece swimsuits and rash guard tops. A range of cuts can be browsed to find your preferred look, with plunge and high-neck lines to choose from. Tight fits elegantly hug the frame of your body and remain firmly in place during exercise. Adjustable straps provide a customised feel and long-lasting comfort. Models for men centre around lightweight board shorts featuring practical back pockets for on-the-go storage. Draw cords fitted to elastic waists keep the shorts locked to the hip even as you kick and dive through the water.

Wet fun in swimming costumes

Side stripes, bright colours and detailed graphics evoke a sense of surf culture, while the streamlined cuts have a decisive athletic spirit. Add Reebok accessories, such as sunglasses and brimmed caps, to swimming costumes and you’ll be prepared for a lounging day by the pool or on the sand. Alternatively, you can switch up your appearance with Reebok runners and training swimwear to highlight your fitness aspirations. Engineered for the water yet undeniably stylish on land, get kitted out and start turning heads.