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Girls Swimming Pink Wave Glider III SandalsGirls Swimming Pink Wave Glider III Sandals

Wave Glider III Sandals

Girls Swimming

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Wave Glider III Sandals

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Get excellent grip with swimming shoes

Stay fixed to the ground on slippery surfaces with this range of Reebok footwear made for the water. Functional sliders come with moulded footbeds that adapt to the individual landing demands of your stride. Providing a shaped base that rolls from the heel down to the toes, the natural arch of your foot is supported. Soft padding can be felt with every step as EVA foam delivers reliable cushioning. Comfortable and lightweight, swimming shoes have water-resistant uppers that dry quickly for your convenience. Confidently walk through puddles or leave your slides next to the pool knowing splashes won’t keep your shoes wet for long.

Swimming flip-flops are casual masterpieces

Designed for warm weather and wet environments, Reebok flip-flops should always be packed into your sports bag. The slip-on shoes save time when getting dressed and can just as quickly be kicked off when you’re ready to jump in the water. Shaped rubber straps keep flip-flops snugly secured between the big and second toe, while raised Reebok lettering along the straps gives an athletic appearance. A comfortable fit is available from day one with curved heels that are adapted for male and female models. Add swimming flip-flops to your casual wear and head to the pool or beach prepared for exercise.

Skip along in swimming sliders

If you’re going to wear sliders to your next swimming session, rock them with sporty Reebok apparel to show you’re primed for performance. The functional swimming shoes are great alongside training shorts and singlets, combining for a warm-weather fitness look. Throw in Reebok swimming accessories and training equipment, such as a stretching mat and water bottle, to overhaul your workout routine. With sizes spanning from 2.5 to 14, there’s a perfect fit for every foot. Dark and light colour palettes are available so the sliders can be matched to your style.