The Reebok swimming range goes the distance

Get ahead of the pack when you hit the pool by adding these performance-built Reebok swimming clothes and shoes to your arsenal. Featuring clothing items that can be worn on dry land and in the water, the collection boasts versatility for day-to-day wear. Workout shorts are available in a variety of lengths, including short cuts that sit mid-rise on the waist and longer styles finishing just above the knee. Quick-drying fabrics such as polyester and nylon are used, so you can jump out of the pool and carry on with your day without having to change. Elastic waists are locked in with drawcords for a tight fit that won’t slip as you kick through the water. Practical slide-in pockets at the front of the shorts offer a place to hold keys and valuables while on the move.

Swimming Reebok style to help you glide smoothly

Whether you’re heading to the pool or the beach, glide in style by rocking a pair of water-smart Reebok shoes. The designs come in a range of functional styles, including single-strap slides and flip flops. Padded with EVA foam footbeds, you’ll have all the comfort of lace-up shoes plus the convenience of water-friendly material. The soft bases mould to the shape of your feet and come with pre-shaped heels. Enjoy the freedom of walking right up to the water’s edge in Reebok swimming shoes that are made to get wet.

Highlight your Reebok swimming products

Bring together apparel from the Reebok swimming range with training accessories for an all-round get-up. Brimmed caps keep the sun off your face on your way to the water, while Reebok mats are great tools for stretching before and after your swim. With styles available for men and women, everyone can find Reebok swimming gear to boost their workout wear. Choose bold contrasting colours for a summer vibe or opt for traditional darks for understated ease.