Pound the pavement in Reebok SubLite shoes

A forward-thinking running shoe for the modern fitness addict, this series opens the doors to new possibilities. Reebok SubLite shoes feature lightweight constructions and streamlined silhouettes so you can go even further than before. Set your sights on greater distances and shorter times when laced up in a pair. Uppers are made from engineered mesh, which adapts to the shape of your feet to deliver a snug fit. The outer layer is extremely durable for its weight and can be pushed to the limit. FuelFoam midsoles maximise energy retention from landing through take-off and provide a soft cushion for a comfortable feel.

SubLite trainers for all terrain

These shoes have a grippy rubber outsole that gives dependable purchase regardless of whether you’re running on the pavement or the trail. Criss-crossing indentations offer fantastic traction and diminish the chance of slips. Firm ridges on the perimeter of the outsoles deliver additional reinforcement to Reebok SubLite trainers. The raised edges also increase abrasion resistance for protection on rough surfaces, ideal for the adventurous runner. Profiled heel counters boost connection with the surface underfoot so you can push off with confidence. The expanded platform provides a stable base and gives you the support to take your running to the next level. 

Look the part in SubLite running shoes

Make your mark during training and competition with a head-to-toe outfit. SubLite trainers combine flawlessly with a crisp long-sleeve Reebok tee and pair of workout shorts with inbuilt compression briefs. If you’re heading out for long runs in warm weather, it’s smart to be equipped with a curved-brim Reebok cap. SubLite runners don’t just look smart alongside fresh Reebok ankle socks, but the pairing combines to deliver a smooth finish on the inside of the shoes. Models are designed for men and women, meaning everyone can get their hands on a pair.