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Snug studio socks

It’s important to keep your feet feeling comfortable when ramping up the intensity in the studio. Ensure that next time you step into your favourite class you’re equipped with studio socks built for performance. Prioritising sweat management with combinations of cotton, polyester and other lightweight fabrics, your feet can stay dry regardless of how hard you push your training. The socks allow consistent ventilation and cooling so that your feet don’t overheat during your workout. Additional cushioning underneath the toes and heels provides a soft landing you can depend on. Jump, lunge and squat with more force than ever before, knowing you have all the support you need.

Firm socks for the studio

Whether you’re attending a HIIT, spin, pump, cardio or boxing class, there’s a perfect pair of workout socks for your chosen discipline. Choose between crew, ankle, sneaker and invisible sock styles to find the length that suits you best. Models feature ribbed cuffs that deliver a locked-in feel, staying in place as you break a sweat. With all the structural support you could need and comfort from day one, socks for the studio will put you on the path towards becoming a fitness champion. 

Blast the competition in training socks

Get ready to make a lasting impression that will go beyond the grit and grind of your workout. Combine a pair of studio socks with sleek Reebok trainers for a consolidated fitness look at your feet. The shoes and socks effortlessly transition into one another, and you can further upgrade your outfit by grabbing a tank top and training shorts that will let the rest of your body move as freely as your feet. Available as single items as well as in packs of three and six, Reebok training socks provide week-round convenience. Minimal yet noticeable Reebok branding can be found near the cuffs, giving these designs a sharp athletic spirit.