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Kids Studio Black Active Core Backpack MediumKids Studio Black Active Core Backpack Medium

Active Core Backpack Medium

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Studio Black Training Essentials Grip Bag MediumStudio Black Training Essentials Grip Bag Medium

Training Essentials Grip Bag Medium


Versatile studio bags make super sports accessories

A studio bag is possibly one of the most useful carrying items around. They're designed for all-purpose fitness and sporting use, with their most valuable attribute being the multiple compartments that help you to stay super-organised. They’ll comfortably take on the role of a large handbag, while giving you a more sporting sense of style. You can carry almost anything you like in them, including all your training gear and sporting accessories, plus tech devices like laptops or tablets. These all-purpose sports bags are destined to become beloved companions, accompanying you from gym to sports field, yoga studio to spinning class, and when you just want to catch up on email at a coffee shop after your training session.

Intelligent design in your Reebok studio bag

Our studio bags are made to be easy on your shoulders, with adjustable straps and dual carry handles so you can vary your carrying position. Inside you'll find a spacious main compartment, surrounded by zip-secured compartments in which you can store smaller items to keep everything nice and neat. A large fold-over cover on the outside doubles as extra storage space as well. You can have your studio bag in a choice of materials, from luxurious black leather to funky urban textiles. Either way, you'll be able to make a strong fashion statement while you're keeping fit.

What to put in your studio bag

When it comes to the sports apparel side of things, we can very easily help you to fill your new bag with all kinds of Reebok high-performance clothing and sports accessories. The bigger and bulkier items like tracksuits, bomber jackets and trainers can go in the main compartment, and you can fill the smaller zip pockets with everything else you need to perform at your peak in your chosen sport, from speed jump ropes to stretch mats.