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Sport & Duffel Bags

Workout Ready Functional Grip Bag
Workout Ready Grip Bag
VB Two Way Duffel
VB Two Way Duffel
Classics Tailored Packable Grip Bag
Tech Style Graphic Tote Bag
Foundation Convertible Grip Bag
Training Supply Bag
Prince Reebok Duffel Bag
Act Core Graphic Grip Bag
Training Essentials Grip Bag Small

The roomy, go-anywhere duffel bag is a classic sports accessory

A Reebok duffel bag is one of the most useful pieces of sporting gear you could invest in. It's roomy and durable, made for regular training sessions and consistently practising sports fans. Made from rugged materials to withstand the rigours of the gym or training pitch, you'll love the cleverly designed internal compartments that not only help you to keep everything organised, but also provide a surprising amount of extra storage space. These bags are comfortable to carry as well, with reinforced padding on their robust straps and handles. You can match them with your other Reebok sports accessories too, so they'll fit right in from the get-go. This is the ultimate sporting accessory for almost any activity.

Reebok duffel bags have come a long way

The Reebok duffel bag has advanced well beyond the basic sports bag of yesteryear. Our modern versions are tailor-made for a wide range of sports and activities, with all manner of details built in to provide exactly what you need to transport all your kit. They have tough bottom panels to protect your items and give the bag a sturdy structure. The main compartment is supplemented with inner, front and side pockets in which to store smaller items and valuables like mobile phones and car keys. Secure zip fastenings keep everything safe, and additional EVA padding makes them ever so comfortable to slip on to your shoulder.

Fill your Reebok duffel bag with everything you need to train

You'll be champing at the bit to get yourself a whole lot of other Reebok sportswear once you have your duffel bag. Start by focusing on our purpose-made ranges, and find the perfect trainers, shorts, leggings or jumpsuit for your chosen fitness regime. Then add general-purpose items like tracksuits, windbreakers and hoodies. Once those are in the bag, pick out a speed rope or a yoga mat to enhance your fitness routine even more.