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Your pick of purpose-made sport swimming costumes

If you incorporate swimming or other pool work into your training routine, our men's and women's swimwear is tailor-made for you. Every item in the collection is designed to give you a streamlined silhouette in the water, without absorbing much moisture so drag is minimised. Strategically placed elasticised areas help to ensure that your swimsuit stays put no matter how strenuously you exert yourself. Women have a choice of one-piece or two-piece swimming outfits, while men can choose between the sporty speedo style, swimming shorts and board shorts. We place great emphasis on comfort, creating our sporting range to feel like a second skin when you're in the water, and give you aqua-dynamic advantages as well.

Reebok swimming costumes take you from the beach to the training pool

Our board shorts for men are the most casual of our sport swimming costumes, made from 100% light polyester. They're perfect for beachwear and sports like wakeboarding and surfing. Our competitive swimwear for both sexes is made from an extensively researched blend of nylon and spandex material, which deflects water rather than absorbing it, thus lowering resistance as you're swimming or training. All our women's swimwear features pressure-distributing straps, and you can choose a normal cut or a high-neck halter cut for maximum body coverage. If you're a really elite competitive swimmer, you can opt for one of our active swimsuits, which protect you with a bacteriostatic lining and additional chlorine resistance.

Accessorise your swimming costume

We have plenty more aquatic sports clothing and accessories for you to choose from. A non-slip pair of Reebok sliders is a poolside must, and a warm terry-cloth tracksuit is just the thing to get your circulation going again after an extended stint in cold water. We have gym bags that you can carry everything in, and if you combine your pool training with gym work, we offer a wide range of indoor trainers for your particular discipline.