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Men Hiking Black Outerwear Thermowarm+Graphene Hybrid JacketMen Hiking Black Outerwear Thermowarm+Graphene Hybrid Jacket

Outerwear Thermowarm+Graphene Hybrid Jacket

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Women Trail Running Black Running Essentials WindbreakerWomen Trail Running Black Running Essentials Windbreaker

Running Essentials Windbreaker

Women Trail Running

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Achieve superior warmth with a sports jacket by Reebok

When winter hits and the temperatures drop dramatically, only a well-built jacket can keep you warm and moving so you can stick to your exercise routine. This Reebok selection includes styles to fight the heavier cold such as insulated coats and parkas, and others that are ideal for weathering blustery conditions such as windbreakers and waterproof jackets. Whether you choose a more fitted style to achieve a modern look or a regular or wider fit for more comfortable wear, you’ll be able to pick your favourite sports jacket from a variety of men’s and women’s styles, as well as designs that range from classic colours to funkier graphics.

Special designs of Reebok sports jackets for additional comfort

The designs that have been incorporated into each sports jacket in this Reebok collection aim at providing you with optimal comfort. One of the most important aspects is to make your jacket light so you can keep moving even in the coldest weather, which is achieved through the use of insulation such as duck down and feathers which provide lightweight warmth in some styles. Small details can also make a big difference, such as a high collar that will help keep the wind away from your neck, elastic cuffs which will keep your arms warm by locking out the cold, or the addition of a hood that will protect your head from the falling rain.

Full protection from cold temperatures

Getting head-to-toe cold weather protection with Reebok starts with this selection of sports coats, but complementing your jacket with additional accessories and sports gear can also boost your performance. A Reebok tracksuit and a pair of Reebok trainers will complete your winter sports outfit, while a Reebok beanie and a pair of Reebok gloves will give a locked-in and snug feeling of complete warmth.