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Keep your hands protected with sports gloves by Reebok

Whether you’re going cycling, running, to exercise class or to combat training, this selection of sports gloves by Reebok has the perfect design to protect your hands when they need it the most. Available in a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit, you’ll find styles offering details like an ergonomic fit for additional comfort or fingerless gloves which allow a better and more controlled grip. If you’re using your gloves for combat or boxing, you’ll find adequately padded leather styles with superior protection against each blow.

Sport and walking gloves offering optimal comfort

When it comes to sports gloves, the Reebok selection has been designed to include special technologies and details, ensuring optimum protection and comfort for your hands. The use of sweat-wicking fabric ensures your hands stay dry at all times, while the addition of perforations enhances ventilation and breathability. Some styles use high-grip fabric around the fingers or the palms for additional confidence, while padding around the sensitive areas increases comfort and protects your hands. For a locked-in and snug fit, look for styles which have a hook-and-loop closure around the wrists, while gloves designed with extra loops around the fingers will enable you to slip them off in an easy manner after your training, no matter how tired you are.

A complete set of accessories with Reebok

Sports and walking gloves are one of the many types of accessories that can be found in the Reebok selection. If you’re looking for protection from the cold weather you’ll find Reebok beanies and scarves, while a Reebok cap and sunglasses will keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays. And don’t forget to choose the right pair of Reebok trainers for your sport from a large selection of exercise, running and combat shoes.