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Studio Black One Series Wrist GlovesStudio Black One Series Wrist Gloves

One Series Wrist Gloves


Cross Training Black United By Fitness Training Hand GripsCross Training Black United By Fitness Training Hand Grips

United By Fitness Training Hand Grips

Cross Training

Studio Green Yoga Mat - 4mmStudio Green Yoga Mat - 4mm

Yoga Mat - 4mm


Exercise in the comfort of your home with sports equipment by Reebok

You won’t have to go far to get a full training session thanks to the wide availability of sports equipment in the Reebok collection. From dumb bells that allow you to train your arm muscles, to a step that’s perfect for lower body training and a power tube set which is ideal in allowing you to train your full body, it’s never been easier to stay fit from the comfort of your own home. If you’re a yogi you will love the selection of yoga mats, for a bit of cardio go for the skipping rope, and if you need a low-intensity workout then the gym ball is just what you need.

Reebok sports equipment built for your security

Every item in this sports equipment selection has been built with the highest quality to ensure your security and comfort. The ability to adjust your equipment to reach the perfect fit is very important and can be found in several items such as the skipping rope with its adjustable length or the step featuring an adjustable height to suit your preferred exercise intensity. Comfort is also provided through the use of materials such as a smooth vinyl coating on dumb bells, foam handles in the power tube set, or a textured surface in yoga mats to prevent slipping.

Add a sports outfit and get exercising

Now you’re all set with the right Reebok sports equipment at home, it’s time to choose your exercise outfit so you can get started in no time. Find a Reebok t-shirt and a pair of shorts or trousers which will provide adequate comfort, and don’t forget to add a pair of Reebok trainers so you can get active in the knowledge that your feet are protected at all times.