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SPEEDWICK · Leggings

Lux High-Waisted Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Pant Program High Rise Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux High-Waisted Colorblock Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux 3/4 Leggings (Plus Size)
Modern Safari Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Ribbed High-Rise Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Vector Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Printed Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Logo Tights
Workout Ready Vector Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux High-Waisted Leggings (Plus Size)
Studio Lux HR 2.0 Modern Safari Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Logo Tights
Lux High-Waisted Colorblock Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux High Rise Leggings (Plus Size)
MYT Printed Leggings (Plus Size)

Step into training heaven with Reebok Speedwick tights

When it comes to women's gym, running or yoga needs, we have you fully covered – starting with a really good pair of running tights. You can have them in full- or three-quarter-length format, or in an ultra-short style for hot weather or indoor training. They’re stretchy and comfortable and will enable a full range of movement, no matter what your particular training routine demands. They’re exceptionally comfortable as well, with an almost unnoticeable feel against your skin. In fact, they feel so sporty that you'll get an extra surge of motivation simply by putting them on.

Reebok running tights you can rely on to the extreme

Reebok Speedwick tights are made from a highly specialised combination of fabrics and material construction technology that is designed to be taken to extreme lengths. They can be worn for any kind of fitness session or training routine that the modern, active woman chooses. Recycled polyester is combined with an interlocking elastane material to give the mildly compressive, highly supportive effect that you'll feel, helping to propel your legs to greater things. The speedwicking process comes in through the way your tights deal with perspiration: they're designed to force moisture to flow out and away, keeping you cool and fresh even under duress.

Build your training outfit on Speedwick tights

You can wear our Speedwick tights with training bras, long bras or training T-shirts. They also make perfect companions for our ankle socks and trainers, which have a long legacy of helping to keep women athletes in tip-top condition. Take a Reebok tracksuit with you for warm-up purposes, and pack it all neatly into an all-purpose Reebok training bag or rucksack. We have everything you could possibly wish for to keep you going and reaching new levels of performance month after month. It's in our DNA.