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The luxurious comfort of a Reebok slip on

Slip-on shoes are the ultimate in casual comfort. Reebok takes them from the fireside to the gym and training track, retaining that supple, cushy feel while boosting them with our advanced sports technology and know-how. Now you can take to the road for your training run in a pair of slip ons that are designed to bring effortless functionality to the fitness arena and superbly cushioned to help lessen impact. On the other side of the spectrum are our slip-on gym shoes, designed for the serious weightlifter. With our range you can enjoy casual-wear comfort working in concert with sporting construction to help you perform at your peak.

Extreme R&D goes into a slip-on Reebok shoe

The Reebok slip ons made for running have breathable mesh uppers and extensive foam cushioning, with purpose-designed die-cut sockliners made from EVA material to help the shoes hug your feet without the need for laces. They're a perfect combination of support and performance. You can also get slip ons that take it all to a higher plane. These have ultra-modern layered cutaway designs and boosted soles, with Reebok's custom locked-in-fit technology to fasten them securely to your feet. They're hard-core training companions that can deal with trail running, too. Other models have comfortable yet rugged knit uppers with gore collars for an ankle-hugging fit, with super-soft DMX cushioning underneath.

Slip-on shoes to complete your training outfit

A good pair of slip-ons can be the foundation of any training outfit, and we have everything you need to complete the rest of it as well. Complete your foot support system with a pair of Reebok compression running socks. Then grab a pair of running shorts, add a T-shirt and a tracksuit, and you'll have all you need to cardio train for almost any sport.