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Wave Glider III Sandals
Wave Glider III Sandals

Relax in sporting comfort with our sliders sale

Sliders are an invaluable part of any sporting person's wardrobe. Originally designed to be worn at the beach, they've become a natural choice for anyone who trains or plays sport – they're the best way to cool and relax your feet after you’ve pushed them hard in your trainers or other sports shoes. They also come in very handy in the gym or changing room, when you don't want to compromise your personal hygiene in the communal showers. Or you can simply wear them around the house on a summer's day – they offer wonderful comfort and convenience all at once. They've become such indispensable items that a sale on sliders is always something everyone looks forward to.

A high-tech range of Reebok sliders on sale

Our sliders sale will let you stock up on all the classic sliders you could want. These are the real deal – designed to take the pressure off the feet of hard-training athletes and sports fans after a tough day out. They're lightweight, for a start, and glide effortlessly on to your feet. We've made sure to equip them with a high-traction herringbone outsole to give you improved grip on wet surfaces in the changing room. For those into aquatic sports, we offer a water-resistant range, featuring soft EVA material for a moulded and well-cushioned footbed. They're perfect for competitive swimmers, water polo players and divers.

Take full advantage of our slider sales

This is your chance to grab some other casual sportswear for after-training relaxation with the savings you'll gain with our slider sales. For women, we have classic terry skirts, shorts and track jackets to relax in after you've trained. Men can kick back in Reebok T-shirts and board shorts. And if you simply can't bear to part with your comfy sliders in winter, we have a wide variety of sports socks, too.