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Women Classics

A wonderful range of athleisure skirts

Reebok skirts are exactly what the fit and active modern woman demands from her sports-casual wear. You’ll look stylish and chic in a range that you can combine with so many other clothes to always look your best. Designed to complement the sporting woman's figure, they're smoothly contoured and sleek, yet offer ample room for movement. We use the same construction in this sports-casual wear as we do in our serious training gear, so you can expect your skirt to keep you cool and dry in summer, as well as giving you a feeling of comfort with plenty of functional details that you'll really appreciate.

Skirts for women to keep you in sporting style

Our skirts are made from the same meticulously researched materials as our sportswear. A mixture of cotton and smart elastane corduroy creates a gently ribbed fabric that will hug your hips and legs in superb comfort – you'll look forward to putting it on every time. Zip pockets are provided to securely stow your essentials. Otherwise, you can opt for a luxurious French terry fabric, which will also give you a comfy, mildly stretchy feel. These are the perfect skirts for the active woman to easily slip on when heading out for a light lunch or a day watching sport.

It's easy to mix and match with Reebok skirts

Our skirts have been designed to complement our women's trainers, so why not get yourself a matching pair for when you want to hit the city pavements? A stylish shoulder bag or bum bag will make the perfect accessory to carry anything that won't fit in your skirt pockets, and you can also pack a Reebok windbreaker if you're watching an outdoor game and the weather looks a little uncertain. No matter what your sports-leisure wear needs are, you can rely on Reebok to come up with the goods every time.