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Girls Classics Silver Reebok Royal Complete CLN 2 ShoesGirls Classics Silver Reebok Royal Complete CLN 2 Shoes

Reebok Royal Complete CLN 2 Shoes

Girls Classics

Put some flash in your stride with silver Reebok shoes

A pair of really stylish, flash trainers isn't something to be laughed at any more. With all the day-glo colours and exciting designs that we see in modern running shoes, they’ll fit right in with the most up-to-date trends. As always, our emphasis is on function and performance, so while you'll certainly be noticed in these trainers, hidden beneath the style are all kinds of supportive technology and materials which will help to keep you running for longer, training more intensely, and getting the maximum benefit from your daily fitness routine.

Reebok silver trainers in leather or modern sports synthetics

You can choose silver Reebok shoes with leather or breathable mesh uppers – both styles will give you a supportive, foot-hugging sensation, helping your feet to make all the small movements that are constantly required of them, mile after mile. They’re lightweight and feature EVA cushioning in the midsole area, plus very durable rubber outsoles that have carefully configured tracked sole patterns to encourage grip on different surfaces. Think of them as high-performance motor-racing tyres for your feet.

There's plenty more to go with your Reebok silver shoes

You can colour-code your entire training wardrobe around your Reebok trainers. Their modern style will easily match any running shorts you buy here as well, and we have all the training socks you could wish for, with or without a sports compression effect. For warm-up purposes there's nothing like a comfortable and sweat-resistant Reebok tracksuit, complete with a hoodie for winter use. Get yourself a Reebok backpack or gym shoulder bag too, and you'll have something to carry it all in. All with the sought-after Reebok logo that promises high athletic performance and lets everyone know you have excellent taste to go with your sporting prowess.