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Girls Classics Silver Reebok Royal Complete CLN 2 ShoesGirls Classics Silver Reebok Royal Complete CLN 2 Shoes

Reebok Royal Complete CLN 2 Shoes

Girls Classics

Reebok Classic silver shoes: vintage styles and contemporary designs

Our select group of Reebok classic silver trainers may be a study in contrasting designs and styles, but they all deliver the reliable comfort, expert workmanship and durable performance you’ve come to expect from our products over the years. If you like the minimalist look, our 80s retro models are constructed with suede and nylon uppers in platinum, with padded foam inserts and vintage brand name and Union Jack stitching. Flashier versions offer colourful leather and synthetic uppers in metallic silver with platform midsoles and reinforced heel overlays for additional stability. EVA cushioning and rubber outsoles are standard on all products.

Reebok silver Classics: savvy choices for the street or the studio

Different textures for different sports could be an apt headliner for our Reebok silver classics because it accurately describes the varied functionality of our trainers. All of them are great for walking, jogging, or running but while our more robust models are savvy choices for medium and high-impact indoor or outdoor training regimens, such as weightlifting and speed drills on the field or the court, our more subtle models are perfect for low-intensity studio routines like Zumba, Keep Fit, or yoga classes. Regardless of your athletic needs, they can also be great alternatives you can wear to work or wear on the street.

Match-worthy classic silver Reebok trainers, accessories, and apparel for you

You shouldn’t be overly concerned about attire that will make you look smart if you get a pair of classic silver Reebok trainers, partly because the colour is easy to match and partly because we have a complete range of clothing products, like shorts and leggings, sports bras, tees and tanks, along with sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and the occasional dress, just in case you need something dynamic with a hip, urban flavour to do them justice. You can also find a few silver accessories like hats and caps, socks, bags, and exercise balls to relieve your back pain after a long day at work.