Shoulder Bags


The reliable versatility of a Reebok shoulder bag

This is where you'll really appreciate our dedication to continuous research and development: our shoulder bags combine the best in materials, engineering and construction. This gives them a new level of convenience and versatility for you to take advantage of. No matter whether you're simply going from home to the gym or travelling to play a match, we have the sports bag that you can take anywhere and rely on to give you the durability you’d expect from a top-notch sports accessory. You can get compact versions for the basic essentials or larger ones with carefully laid-out inner and outer compartments for more elaborate needs.

Reebok shoulder bags will serve your every training purpose

You'll find your Reebok shoulder bag light and easy to carry around, with adjustable straps and well-placed cushioning to help distribute the weight away from just one small area of your shoulders. A roomy zip-protected main compartment can fit your bulkier sportswear. Otherwise, you can choose a barrel-bag style, made from a modern CU-coated polyester. You'll get zipped back pockets on these, and the spacious main cylinder bag compartment will easily accommodate everything from trainers to winter bomber jackets. Alternatively, you can move to the smaller side and grab a city workout bag designed to fit your essentials. Runners will appreciate the tote bags that you can slip on and go.

Everything you could want to put in your shoulder bag

Now that you have your perfect Reebok shoulder bag, fill it up with what you need for your training regimen. Kit yourself out with a full set of shorts, T-shirts, socks and trainers. Add a Reebok tracksuit and you're all set for training, in winter or in summer. Smaller compartments can fit a Reebok skipping rope for gym work, or a chic Reebok baseball cap for when you want to take your training session outdoors.