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Shoes you can wear for any training activity you choose

Whether you train for a particular sport or enjoy simple workouts for the sake of health and fitness – no matter what your chosen activities, you'll find iconic Reebok shoes fit for your training purposes. They’ll give a wide range of benefits: support for your feet, a secure grip on all kinds of surfaces, and exceptional flexibility for improved agility. You can take them from the basketball or tennis court to the gym or the yoga studio, and pound the pavement as smoothly as you run on your regular training track. No matter the purpose, they'll help to keep you comfortable, as well as reducing heat and sweat build-up in your feet.

Reebok shoes are engineered to not let you down

Most people will want to head over to the running trainers area when browsing our selection of shoes. We've always retained the same simple and streamlined design, with our focus on optimal efficiency and performance. We use breathable mesh technology in our uppers, or similarly supple leather. No matter which you choose, you'll appreciate the EVA midsole cushioning and the slightly springy effect that will not only cushion your feet from impact, but give you a push-back effect for a little bit of extra lift-off on each step.

Reebok original shoes give you complete freedom of choice

You can combine your Reebok shoes with any almost any sports practice or training outfit you want. From the football pitch to the netball court, you'll find suitable shorts, tracksuits and other Reebok accessories in abundance. Pick up a handy Reebok gym bag or backpack in which to store your training shoes once you're finished, and then slip on a comfy pair of Reebok sliders when it's time for some post-training relaxation and refreshing energy replenishment.