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Marathon trainers that will more than go the distance with you

If you're the type of runner who considers a training run under 10km to be a light jog, Reebok marathon trainers will be just what you're looking for. They're designed for the daily runner who carefully plans their training regimen to peak at the right time for specific events. We have an intimate understanding of the process, and our trainers are purpose-designed to give you the long-distance support you need. The right foundation can help ward off repetitive stress injuries and push you through multiple waves of lactic acid build-up over an extended period of running.

Reebok marathon trainers for the elite runner

By necessity, our long-distance running trainers feature technology that you won't necessarily find in all our trainers. Your feet are encased in a soft, flexible yet resilient TPU cage with an ergonomically precise heel cup. This is complemented by sockliners with cushioning that is contoured to work together with this cage. Together, they hug your foot arches to give you as much support as possible. This effect is further aided by a fourth lace eyelet, so you can lace them up that little bit more securely. They're also made with ultra-light foam materials to keep additional weight down when it really starts hurting.

Other running kit to complement your Reebok trainers

Naturally, we have everything else you'll need in the way of sportswear for both your marathon training and competing in the event. T-shirts and running shorts for men are abundantly available, and if the weather gets colder you can swap to a pair of Reebok board shorts. Female marathoners will find leggings and running shorts to see them through every season. And of course we have tracksuits for everyone, as well as windbreakers that come in very useful for winter training.