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Reebok design your own shoes make trainer dreams come true

This is the chance every Reebok fan has been waiting for! The chance to personalise your very own custom Reebok trainers, made specifically for your sense of style. Choose your favourite Reebok shoes from almost any of our stunning ranges, and combine the colours you like with your own name embossed on the shoe. Alternatively, you could add any motivational message you need to spur you on when you’re up against it during a hard training session. It's so easy to do: simply choose the exact pair you like from our wide range, then enter the text you want us to apply to your very own personal shoes. And bingo, they’ll be delivered to your door!

Design your own Reebok shoes

Reebok design your own shoes give you access to nearly all our high-end running, gym and sports trainers. Our classic court shoe with its low-cut design and sleek silhouette will serve you well when you play any court sports. They feature EVA midsole cushioning and a high-traction under-sole for reduced slippage and comfortable movement. Other examples of popular shoes include our classic and ultra-modern leather trainers, made for women and men. The latest orthotic research has gone into them, simultaneously giving a lightweight and springy cushioning feel, with mobility enhanced by flexible uppers.

More sportswear to match your personalised Reebok shoes

Why stop at a pair of personalised trainers? You won't be able to personalise all our other sports gear, but the simple Reebok logo and stripes will just add further cachet to your monogrammed trainers. Our modern, urban, sport-inspired tracksuits will serve you just as well in the gym as out on a training field, and you can shed them after warm-up and get down to business in a Reebok training T-shirt and matching shorts.