Seamless leggings


Seamless leggings for a smoother, revved-up workout

You push yourself to your limit, so your workout gear should match your output. There’s no better way to maximise your performance than with a pair of Reebook seamless leggings. Constructed with the daring athlete in mind, these sleek tights bolster your body whilst providing the ultimate flexibility, breathability and comfort. Made from nylon, polyester and elastane, they include the modern, figure-forming high-waist style, or the more classic legging cut. Bolder choices pop with attitude, whether in electric colour combos, graphic vector designs or the more conventional colour palettes.

Smooth and seamless tights propulsion for performance

No matter how far you push yourself, your tights need to keep up. The dynamic engineering of our seamless leggings will satisfy your need for speed and nothing will hold you back when you slip into their super-snug fit and hold. Smooth to the touch and eye, they are both body flattering and performance enhancing, allowing for maximum stretch with no distractions. Whether you sculpt your muscles on the elliptical, the rock-climbing wall or by exploring outdoor hiking trails, seamless tights will prop up and propel you when you need it most.

Sleek and polished with a seamless approach

As suitable for running daily errands as they are in the gym or dance studio, these seamless tights will never quit on you. Designed to hold on tight and never let go, they are easily paired with a Reebok seamless bra for that sleek and polished wow factor. Match them with some classic trainers and sweat-busting ankle socks for an extra performance boost on the treadmill. Reebok’s attitude-filled sports lines have all the daring you need to step into your busy world with confidence, crush any goal in sight and keep you looking always at the top of your game.