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Running Headwear and Headbands


Turbo boost your exercise regime with absorbent running headbands

Our moisture-wicking running headband is just one of the tools you can use to encourage you on your road to wellness. The stretch design is snug fitting, will remain in place, and fits most people. Machine washable and quick drying, you can choose a broad, narrow or a thin running headband that works best for you. Elasticated soft fabrics are ultra-sweat absorbent, with some having additional grips to keep your headgear in place. Stay poised during your run as these headbands are also kind to your skin and hair. Available in a variety of colours with snazzy well-positioned logos that support a fuss-free run.

Reebok headbands for running take the sweat out of your fitness plan

Reebok headbands are so soft that they feel like velvet to the touch; like a gentle hand wiping the sweat from your brow as you forge ahead with your fitness strategy. Everyone needs motivation to get started with their plan to become healthier. No-one said it would be easy and it isn’t, but the upside is that with the right kit, you can definitely put yourself in a good position for success. When you are in the swing of things, your fitness levels will begin to soar. A well-designed headband is the perfect accessory to literally take the sweat out of your exercise sessions and keep you focused on the goal.

Add some glam to your workout sessions

We’re as serious about your chosen sport as you are, which is why we recommend pairing appropriate clothing with advanced accessories. You can protect your eyes from sharp light with a selection of fashionable eyewear from Reebok. Our polycarbonate frames are lightweight, protective and have rubber inserts to help your sunglasses stay in place while exercising – just like our headbands. Wear a cap for extra protection, made from moisture-wicking fabric with adjustable comfort fit to support your daily run. Adding a touch of glam to match your headband gives you that extra boost to make a success of your wellness plan.