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Women Dance Purple Lux Bold High-Rise Vector Block LeggingsWomen Dance Purple Lux Bold High-Rise Vector Block Leggings

Lux Bold High-Rise Vector Block Leggings

Women Dance

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 Purple tights to unleash your inner workout superhero

When looking for a high-octane confidence boost to set your workout alight, a well-functioning pair of leggings is just the ticket. Made from a selection of quality workout fabrics such as cotton, elastane, nylon and Speedwick for sweat control, these dynamic purple tights are designed in the classic, full-length legging style with an elasticated and super-toning high waist. With full flexibility in the fabric, you can rest assured that no matter how far your body stretches or how aggressively you push your workout, your durable leggings will keep up effortlessly. Add a bold choice of colour and a body-hugging fit, and you’ll lift, shape and empower yourself to own your session and soar above the rest.

Active, energetic and owning-it purple leggings

You rule your workouts every day – so why shouldn’t you show that off? Whether in the front row of the aerobics class, an active spinner, a weightlifter or a Pilates master, confidence in your craft is key. With these purple tights you’ll not only be empowered by your lower body appearance, but you’ll also be a trendsetter in terms of activewear. A timelessly strong colour choice, there’s no doubt these purple leggings will add a spring to your step and maximise your energy output.

Unique and fresh with a bold statement

Easily mistaken for a fashion statement, tights like these are made for the athlete who sees goals and crushes them. You know exactly how to pair them with sportswear that will enhance your performance, and are brave in both your fashion choices and workouts. Coupled with high-performance Reebok trainers, electric-coloured sports bras with attitude or hooded track tops that make a statement, you pick items that fit your style and character perfectly. Your activewear choices complement the reason you’ve always been your very own superhero in the gym and on the street.