Plus size tights for women


Dynamic women’s plus size tights to charge your workout

No matter the weather, no matter the workout, Reebok’s women’s plus size tights have a fit, size and style that’s right for your unique shape. These staples will provide you with a sweat-free, form-fitting hold that will push you that extra mile, whilst giving you a toned and shapely lower body appearance enhanced by the use of our specially selected fabrics such as cotton, nylon, polyester or elastane. This extensive range has three basic styles to choose from, depending on your mood and workout. Shorts, three-quarter tights and full-length variants of leggings give you every option you could possibly need to smash your goals come rain or shine.

Tone and shape with Reebok’s plus sized women’s leggings

The plus sized legging collection for women consists of tights that are designed to help performance. Whether through the use of sweat-controlling Speedwick fabric, ventilating mesh panels or the sheer support they give the buttocks and thighs, any one of these products will give you that edge over your peers in terms of lifestyle and comfort. Any athlete can hit the gym knowing her leggings boast durability, flexibility and, of course, the latest workout-wear trends. With a wide array of colours and designs to choose from, your tights will also match your mood and energy levels and keep you ahead of the sportswear fashion curve.

Choose the style of tights that best fits your workout

Whether you prefer hot spin classes, long-distance running or circuit weight training, any female athlete will rely on good-quality leggings to see her through her workout. All variants of our women’s plus size tights can be seamlessly blended with any of our other items, from Reebok’s maternity workout wear to high-impact adrenaline sports gear. Match your leggings to a sweat-controlling wind jacket for outdoor cardio or a pair of high-performance running shoes for road races and you’ll not only be ready to conquer your goals, you'll look the part as well.