Orange · Trainers


Orange trainers give your workout wardrobe a bold modern boost  

Take your workout to space! These innovative orange trainers designed in collaboration with Mita take influence from the bright orange of astronauts' jumpsuits to create something that will have you standing out from the gym to the high street. With a mesh upper that provides both a dynamic texture and maximum airflow and a Zig Energy Shell that surrounds the foam midsole and channels the energy of your movements, these trainers ensure that you always get everything you can out of your workout.

These orange Reebok trainers don't sacrifice quality for style

With Reebok trainers that look this fantastic, some people might fear that they are all style and no substance, but that couldn't be further from the truth. These shoes are specially designed for maximum comfort thanks to the seamless design and stable construction that can keep going alongside you no matter how busy your day might be or how intense your workout might get. These trainers hit that perfect sweet spot of looking great while still offering every inch of comfort and support that you really need.

The quality of Reebok trainers in orange should echo through your entire wardrobe

The bold statement of these Reebok trainers is at its best when paired with the right clothes. You could choose to pair these trainers with a classic look inspired by the timeless Reebok fashions of the '90s in the classics vector crew sweatshirt that offers a casual fit with a bold, distinct graphic at the front, or maybe you want to make your entire outfit feel just as contemporary as your trainers with a stylish basketball tank top that offers lightweight comfort all day long, while the bold logo tape down the sides provides a vibrant sense of style.