Men's Zig Kinetica Trainers


Reebok Zig Kinetica men's collection: revolutionary form and function

The Reebok Zig Kinetica men’s collection represents a revolutionary leap forward in design mechanics and the use of avant-garde materials to create a trainer that offers unparalleled performance with space age style. A neoprene collar envelops the breathable mesh upper for improved levels of comfort, while unique support zones are strategically placed for incredible stability. Floatride Foam midsoles are bolstered by our innovative Zig Energy Shell, which redirects kinetic energy to propel you forward with a bounce to your stride, while special Zig Energy Bands allow the outsole to flex effortlessly for an incredible experience.

Zig Kinetica Reebok men’s trainers obliterate performance barriers

Our advanced Zig Kinetica Reebok men’s trainers will obliterate any performance barriers that previously prevented you from ascending to the next level, so you can literally take off as you take your training to heights you have only dreamed of… until now. Experience an evolutionary step forward when you walk or run and leave them stunned at the studio as you flex, lunge and jump with the passion and vigour of an energetic teenager. Vivacious aesthetics and fashion-forward styling will awe your friends, family and strangers alike at school, work or wherever else your day takes you.

Reebok men’s Zig Kinetica collection: futuristic trainers with stylish panache

Our Reebok men’s Zig Kinetica collection realises the vision of futuristic trainers that can help you exceed your training goals today with energy you never thought possible and with stylish panache. Such dynamism can also be found in select products like vibrant t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets that are available in sumptuous colour schemes, as well as the lively track pants, sweatpants, shorts and tights that can be found among our full collection of athletic and leisure wear apparel. You can also browse the attractive collection of socks and headwear and check out the ample selection of bags in our online store.