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Men Hiking Black Printed Utility JacketMen Hiking Black Printed Utility Jacket

Printed Utility Jacket

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Men Hiking Black Training Essentials JacketMen Hiking Black Training Essentials Jacket

Training Essentials Jacket

Men Hiking

Men Hiking Black Workout Ready Doubleknit Quarter Zip SweatshirtMen Hiking Black Workout Ready Doubleknit Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Workout Ready Doubleknit Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Men Hiking

Men Trail Running Black Running Essentials Woven WindbreakerMen Trail Running Black Running Essentials Woven Windbreaker

Running Essentials Woven Windbreaker

Men Trail Running

Men Hiking Black Workout Ready Doubleknit Zip-Up Hooded JacketMen Hiking Black Workout Ready Doubleknit Zip-Up Hooded Jacket

Workout Ready Doubleknit Zip-Up Hooded Jacket

Men Hiking

Walking jackets for men with unique design details

With an adjustable hood that conveniently packs away into the collar, our walking jackets for men are anything but ordinary. This unique design detail is one of many attributes, such as the polyester ripstop material used along with contrasting colour block panels about the chest, neck, shoulders and back which sets this collection of outerwear apart from the rest. Available as a half-zip pullover, our models feature front pockets that snap into place and a drawstring at the waist that adjusts so you can wear multiple layers underneath for warmth and comfort while you stroll.

Handsome men’s walking jackets for weekend hikes and evening strolls

Joining your family or friends on weekend camping trips or hiking trails in the countryside are a couple of instances where one of our trendy men’s walking jackets proves its worth. Wear it as you journey to your destination or pack it away in your bag and then pull it out when it is time to set your feet wandering the terrain. Back at home, its handsome look can be displayed while strolling the high street in search of a few bargains, roaming the supermarket aisles while you do the food shopping and enjoying a leisurely promenade around the town or city.

Men's walking jackets allow you to layer with comfort

The relaxed fit of our walking jackets for men allows you to adjust your layers to match your level of comfort, so you can step out with a long or short-sleeved tee alone and add a hoodie or sweatshirt when cooler temperatures prevail. You can find colourful tops as well as everyday sweatpants, joggers, trackpants and other bottoms when you browse the apparel collection of our online catalogue. For those adventures in the great outdoors, you can find needful accessories like socks, caps, beanies, scarves and backpacks for your gear and other personal items.