Men's Leggings & Tights


Bring out your rebellious spirit in style with men’s sports tights

Clearing the clutter of urban fashion, bring a change to your gym wear and stand out in the trendiest way with these tights for men that are designed to bring you comfort in style. Make your outdoor runs and workouts more enjoyable even in extreme conditions, with sports leggings made from moisture-wicking stretchable knit fabric that moves with you to allow maximum flexibility. Fretting about sweat interrupting your workout? Make the right choice with Reebok men's tights that are lightweight, combat body sweat and even provide adequate compression while gently wrapping your body.

Allow your body to breathe with men’s sports leggings that wear like a second skin

Never fall short on strength or power in these sports leggings which combine innovative fabric technology with utility and fashion. Look forward to enjoying some of their best features, like mesh gussets and panelling incorporated behind the knees. This doesn’t just allow better air circulation during long runs, but also keeps your legs cool and dry. Encouraging success among fitness enthusiasts and aspiring athletes, the Reebok brand has always embraced confidence and ensured delivery of high performance.

Give a fresh look to your gym workouts and outdoor training with men’s tights

Nature treks, cycling and hiking just got even better with Reebok’s short tights for men. These leggings come with a supportive and comfortable feel, with elasticated waistbands and drawcords that can be adjusted for a locked-in feel. Bringing out the champion in you, these short and long men’s sports tights are available in a wide range of fabrics – choose the one that’s best suited for your preferred activity, or an entire selection for different weather conditions. Round off your sporty look and get ready for some action by choosing a sweat-wicking shirt to wear over your sports leggings. Finally, slip on a pair of Reebok shoes that can be worn all day long for extended comfort.