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Carry your gear and commute in style with men's shoulder bags

If you’re after a bag that you can easily slip on and off and can use to carry your gear while you’re on the go, then this selection of men’s shoulder bags has just what you need. Larger styles, such as a cylinder bag, a training essentials bag or a duffel bag, can be used for exercise clothing and accessories when heading to the gym; smaller bags, such as a city bag, a core shoulder bag or a tote bag, are perfect for carrying a few small items during your everyday commute.

Shoulder bags for men constructed for versatile and practical use

Each style amongst this selection of shoulder bags for men has been designed with your comfort in mind. This is made possible through customisable details like adjustable shoulder straps to give you the perfect fit, while the addition of padding to those straps will minimise tension and stress and protect your back. External pockets make your bag more practical and allow you to store a few necessities within easy reach, and if you want a style you can carry all year long then pick a bag that has been treated with TPE coating making it durable and resistant to rough weather.

Casual, everyday comfort starts with shoulder bags by Reebok

When it comes to choosing a shoulder bag that suits your style, you’ll be able to choose from classics like simple black or white bags, those with a bit more colour or bags with designs and slogans that will show the world what you’re all about. For added comfort during your commute, you will love other accessories such as a Reebok cap or a Reebok beanie for headwear to keep you protected throughout the seasons, a Reebok watch to make sure you don’t miss a training session or a Reebok water bottle to keep you hydrated before, during and after your workout.