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Take every step confidently with men’s leather shoes

When it comes to exercise shoes, one of the most important characteristics is their ability to protect your foot from the inside out. If you’re after a pair that is adequate for energetic training sessions and that will keep you going on a variety of terrains, then a pair with a leather upper is what you’re after. In this selection of men’s leather shoes you are guaranteed to find the style just for you, whether you practise a specific sport or need a pair for casual wear, with colours ranging from the classics such as black or white to the funkier and more colourful designs that add a bit of flair to your outfit.

Leather shoes for men with superior comforting technologies

Each step you take in your leather shoes by Reebok is supported by the latest technologies, which ensures 360-degree comfort. The addition of perforations on the upper in some styles gives added breathability so you can keep going even on the warmest days, while the use of anti-friction lining keeps the heat from building up, for a longer lasting feeling of freshness. If you’re looking for a pair that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, then you will love styles that are equipped with lightweight cushioning; and if you’re worried about getting wet on a cloudy day, then a pair that has been treated to be waterproof will keep the rain away.

Leather shoe styles that match every outfit

Once you’ve chosen your favourite pair of leather shoes, it’ll be easy to mix and match it to more Reebok sports gear. Choose a pair of Reebok shorts and a Reebok t-shirt to complete your outfit, pick a pair of Reebok socks to give additional comfort to your feet and if you’re worried about the sun outside then look for a Reebok hat to keep your head cool and protected on warm days.