Men's Cross Training Nano

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Reebok Nano men’s shoes blend design excellence with expert craftsmanship

The Reebok Nano men’s line represents an indispensable part of the company’s entire cross training collection, profiling several models of classically designed trainers with upgrades for contemporary appeal, aimed at those like you who require a dependable shoe for intense workout days. The Nano 9.0 model anchors the entire fleet combining proprietary materials with expert craftsmanship, resulting in a premier shoe for wearability across a wide selection of colours. The Reebok cross training Nano 8 Flexweave also features similar technology with grooved soles for increased traction and balance and there is also an exclusive edition of the vintage 2.0 trainer for the purist in you.

Enjoy the innovative technology of Reebok cross training Nano for men

The bold styling of the Reebok cross training Nano 4.0 classic shoe adds some stylish pep to your step during cardio training days and plenty of support when it’s time for those high-intensity drills, while the cross training Nano 6.0 version is perfect for climbing drills on the rock face at the gym and negotiating rugged terrain on the hiking trail. Though nuanced, each line in the Reebok Nano collection is intended to meet all your cross training training needs, so you can experience superior levels of comfort lifting weights or setting a personal best during your 5k run.

Men's Reebok cross training Nano ideal for all seasons

The Reebok cross training grip makes an ideal carry-all for your trips to the gym and is roomy enough for your Reebok men’s cross training Nano sneakers and all your workout gear. The Reebok cross training Epic Base shorts and cross training Open tee are ideal for summer training and a Cross Fit hoodie adds a layer of protection during the autumn. You can check out the ‘90s Roots collection for additional men’s leisure and just in case you were wondering, the grip is big enough for your skipping rope, towel, workout gloves and water bottle as well.