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Show you're serious on the lifting platform with men's Reebok Legacy Lifter

When it comes to weight lifting, you either need to be willing to give it your all or you need to move on to something else. If you really want to be able to stand at the bar feeling confident, you need the right foundation. And there's no better foundation than the men's Reebok Legacy Lifter. These shoes are engineered specifically to help you stay secure and safe at the lifting platform. The design of the heel provides the ideal balance for squat technique. The rubber outsole grips the floor and keeps you securely in place, while the shoe's ventilation keeps you cool and reduces moisture.

Stay safe, cool, and comfortable with every lift in Reebok Legacy Lifter for men

Discomfort and distractions are frustrating in any workout, but when it comes to weightlifting, they can be downright dangerous. Not only that, but if you don't have a stable foundation, your technique could end up completely ruined. Reebok's Legacy Lifter for men offers you that foundation, allowing you to keep focused on your form, your technique and your goals. That way, you can push yourself to past your limits with total confidence.

The right shoes are only the beginning of the perfect set of workout gear

Of course, the right pair of shoes isn't going to take care of your workout all on its own. Being able to combine it with the right weightlifting and workout gear is incredibly important. Even things as simple as socks matter. Men's Cross training socks are designed to support your arches during heavy lifting with mesh panels that help keep you cool and dry. A set of lifting straps is also a great way to make the most of your workout. A soft lining keeps your wrists comfortable and durable webbing attaches to the bar and reduces the chance of hand fatigue.