Men's Grey Shoes & Trainers

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Reebok’s men’s grey shoes equip your feet in style and for any purpose

Whether running, cardio or special training is your thing, we have the shoe to equip you. With Reebok’s men’s grey shoes you’re well dressed from toe to heel and can face off your next rep with ease. Men who like their trainers in grey don’t have to limit their choices – we feature trail and running shoes alike, perfect to individualise for your sporting endeavours. Those among you who seek the path of adventure can enjoy a hardwearing experience with our iconic adventure shoes, featuring supportive midsoles and reflective uppers to make you more visible during your athletic undertakings. Cardio lovers will find sleeker and more elegant designs that work well outdoors and in the gym.

Durability, design and dry feet come together in our grey footwear for men

Some small details can have a massive impact on your workout, which is why we’re keen to put our extras to work. If you’re benching weights or enjoy a high-powered workout, Reebok’s aerodynamically shaped trainers aren’t just really appealing to the eye but are also lightweight and sport a midfoot support cage as well as extra cushioning for enhanced performance. Enforced midsoles increase the durability and make these shoes abrasion-resistant. To keep sweaty feet dry, you may want to get one of our grey trainers with mesh inserts for assisted airflow.

From minimalism to extravagance – grey trainers can do it all

Minimal design and a humble grey colour exude elegance and sophistication, so our reduced shoe designs are the perfect match for men who want to keep their style without frills. The simple grey colours go well with Reebok’s track pants and sweatshirts, which you’ll find in our clothing section. A more extravagant pattern can be found in our trail-running shoes with a 3D midsole for shock absorption. Small colourful inserts make the shoes a stylish treat for both the eye and your feet.