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Get ready to spar in Reebok training gloves for men

Protecting your hands is fundamental if you practice combat sports or like to work the heavy bag. When you are choosing training gloves, a sound fit, proper padding and quality construction are important attributes. Adequate ventilation is also essential, as hands can get sweaty. While the popularity of MMA and combat training has risen in recent years, the risks remain the same. Injuries to your hands can be serious, even if you have great technique. A high-quality pair of training gloves can significantly reduce this risk. When you’re wearing a pair of Reebok training gloves for men, you can feel confident about throwing a punch without worrying about getting injured.

Hard-hitting men’s training gloves that are optimised for performance

Reebok’s all-purpose training gloves for men are excellent for combat-based fitness, whether you’re training to get fit or get in the ring. Designed for sparring and bag work, our leather training gloves have a durable leather exterior and a densely padded interior to protect your hands. Adjustable laces create a comfortable fit while the lock down strap closure offers added security. Reebok combat gloves feature breathable fabric panels with ventilated grips and practical finger tabs for easy removal. Available in various sizes and weights, cushioned wrist gloves have high-performance straps to provide support and stability for your wrists. Built-in foam pads offer extra cushioning and shock absorption while the elastic hem ensures a secure fit. Breathable mesh between your fingers helps your hands stay cool and dry.

Complementary gear for combat training

Reebok has a dedicated collection of gear for combat training, whether you’re into MMA, boxing or Muay Thai. This range includes sweat-wicking boxing shorts with side slits that allow a full range of movement and tees and hoodies to show off your style and training gains. Combat jacquard tights are ideal for MMA, while ring-ready boxing shoes have a cushioned insole and superior ankle support for stability.