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CrossFit shorts for men give you style and flexibility

The collection of CrossFit shorts for men features models from several lines that have been especially selected for their style and functionality, giving you comfort and confidence across a range of athletic activities. The ability to resist moisture on the outside while absorbing it on the inside makes Reebok CrossFit Epic Base shorts stand out from the others, with an elastic waistband and drawstring for a comfortable fit. Another excellent choice are the Reebok CrossFit Games Austin II shorts, which are famed for their elasticity and slit hems which provide greater flexibility when you move.

Enjoy the constant versatility of men’s Reebok CrossFit shorts

When your training days call for lunges, jumps and squats, Reebok CrossFit MyoKnit and Reebok CrossFit USA shorts are proven winners you can always rely on. But if your schedule calls for running a few kilometres, trust the Reebok CrossFit Epic Cordlock or CrossFit Epic Base shorts, with their featherweight feel and water-resistant fabric to help keep you striding and gliding come rain or shine. All the products in the men’s Reebok CrossFit shorts collection are specially crafted for versatility and durability, and can be worn for virtually any of the CrossFit disciplines.

Construct your ideal workout outfit to include Reebok men’s CrossFit shorts

You can construct your own specific CrossFit outfit when you match Reebok men’s CrossFit shorts with any of the CrossFit shirts available from our collection. The Reebok CrossFit F.E.F. Graphic and CrossFit tees are available in solid hues that create a united front when combined with the multi-coloured designs of the CrossFit Games Speed or CrossFit Epic Cordlock shorts. Include some Reebok CrossFit Crew socks and trainers like the Speed TR Flexweave, and be sure to browse the CrossFit hoodies and sweatshirts if you need an additional layer.