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Cross Training Shorts for Men


Men’s training shorts for maximum movement

Adrenalin is addictive and you get your fill when you enter the box for your cross training session. Your body comes alive when you push it to unseen limits and you need active wear that will complement that commitment. Men’s training shorts are built to withstand the heat and support intense workouts with ease. Created in collab with thousands of cross training athletes, shorts are created with user-friendly fabrics such as polyester, elastane, nylon and cotton at their base, with moisture-wicking properties to ensure a dry and fresh workout, no matter how hard you push. Choose according to your mood and style with a variety of fits including regular, loose and slim fitting. 

No exercise too extreme for men's cross training shorts

In cross training you embark on a variety of explosive and dynamic exercises to reach your personal best. Weightlifting, box jumps and squats are no match for the stretch and flexibility of cross training shorts. Work up a sweat with confidence knowing your gear will be dry and distraction-free throughout and step out of the gym into your daily life knowing your shorts are designed with a lifestyle appeal that can see them seamlessly blend into your daily wardrobe.

Conquer your day in cross training shorts

You’ve smashed your HIIT for the day and stayed dry and comfortable throughout. Your shorts have been an ally through your workout and you’re crazy about the level of utility they give you during cross training. So why not use them across other disciplines of exercise? Perfect for running, hiking and the circuit, your cross training shorts are as versatile as your mood and will back you up no matter where you choose to train. Slip into a pair of high-performing Reebok trainers with moisture-wicking ankle socks and assume head-to-toe confidence as you crush yet another day.