Men's Shoes for Cross Training

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Cross training shoes for men to deliver your PB every time

Reebok's extensive collection of cross training shoes for men has you covered no matter what your preferred discipline in the gym. You'll make gains every time you step foot inside your training space no matter what surfaces you stomp thanks to the elevated tech in your shoes. Choose from technology-based trainers that provide flexibility, breathability and support whilst boosting your energy levels. Shoes with Flexweave uppers provide light, breathable durability whilst compression midsoles with responsive cushioning offer a boosted stride. Choose Achilles heel protection with high-density foam collars for extra comfort. Weight lifters can stay stable on the platform with raised heels on selected trainers that are designed especially for deep squats. With rubber outsoles, all cross training shoes are designed for superior grip, keeping you stable and strong in your foot hold. Created with athletes in mind, cross training shoes for men are entrenched in data-driven technology that will speak directly to your needs and push you beyond what you thought was possible.

The ultimate trainers for explosive movements 

As a lover of all things cross training, you know dynamic movement and explosive pops of energy are what get your goals smashed each session. You squat, jump and lunge your way to success and your feet need to be gripped tightly to their surface. Box jumps are no problem, dead lifts see you anchored tight. By ensuring your shoes are lightweight, you have energy to rise above your expectation every time with ease. With extensive colour palettes to choose from, trainers can be classic and simple or bright and bold to match your mood and personality.

Cross training shoes to step into the outside world 

Reebok’s vast selection of cross training shoes for men hold their own across various fitness regimes and provide utility, style and comfort when being used outside the gym. Match them with joggers for casual days running errands or loose-fitting shorts at barbecues and cafés. With a subtle nod towards the trendy styles of modern trainers, you can step out the gym in confidence knowing your shoes hold up as a fashion-forward accessory.