Men's Compression Tights & Clothes


Optimal muscle support with men's compression tights

When it comes to muscle protection, men’s compression tights are the optimal choice. Built with stretchy fabric that wears like a second skin, every item in this Reebok selection has the ability to adapt to your every movement while providing maximum support to your muscles. Choose from full length compression tights or 3/4 tights, pick a discrete colour or a funkier style with graphics that match your personality. If you want to do your bit for the environment, find a pair made with recycled polyester that helps save the earth’s resources and consequently results in decreased emissions.

Comfort starts with the design of compression tights for men

This Reebok selection of men’s compression tights has been designed to provide maximum comfort through special technologies that are incorporated in each style, such as the use of flatlock seams that help with the reduction of chafing, and angled seams around the side for added comfort as you move. For a more secure fit, some styles have a double elastic waist, while others have the addition of drawstrings for an adjustable fit. When it comes to the fabric, you will be able to stay dry thanks to a special quick-drying fabric, which has the ability to wick the sweat away from your skin, while the addition of mesh panels around sweat zones, such as the back of the knee, ensures ventilation and breathability.

Full protection from head to toe

While men’s compression tights ensure protection for your leg muscles during intense training, your upper body muscles can be protected with men's compression shirts by Reebok, which come in long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions. If tights are a bit much on summer days, you can go for compression shorts that can protect your most important muscles while giving your legs the ability to breathe.