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Confidence and style with men's combat shorts

Get ready for the ring in style with this selection of men's combat shorts by Reebok. You can find knee-length shorts for extra coverage or Thai style shorts, which are shorter and allow for easier leg movement. We also stock regular fit that give plenty of room or slim fit that matches your body’s movements for comfort. You are also able to choose between combat shorts in natural textiles such as cotton or those in a shiny polyester satin that give you a sleek look.

Men's combat shorts helping you perform through optimal design

This selection of men's combat shorts will give you the push you need to perform at your best by ensuring optimal comfort through special designs. Styles made with fabric that can wick your sweat away have the ability to keep you dry at all times, while those with an additional mesh lining will add control and breathability. An elastic waist will ensure a precise fit, while a hook-and-loop closure will allow you to have control over the tightness of your shorts. Look for a pair with side slits to ensure your legs can slide easily in between moves, while a bonded hem will add comfort by reducing bulkiness.

Helping you show off your love for the sport

Choose a pair of men's combat shorts with a wide elastic band that enables you to proudly display some combat wording, a style with graphic displays across the front, or a pair with a discrete logo displaying along the border. Regardless of how you prefer showing your love for combat, pick a matching Reebok t-shirt for a complete combat outfit and add a Reebok hoodie for those days with cooler temperatures. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of Reebok trainers for your commute to and from the ring!