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Classic shorts for men who know how to relax

Our classic shorts for men were designed to fulfil one important mission: deliver products of exceptional quality to men who prefer relaxed leisure wear as opposed to cotton twill and denim for recreational purposes during the warmer days of the year. Available in sizes from XS to 2XL, recycled poly weave and French terry materials are used in the construction of our relaxed and slim fit shorts to give them a luxurious texture and a great look. Elastic waistbands with adjustable drawstrings ensure they will fit you comfortably. We have also included pockets for carrying valuable items such as keys, cash, and ID cards or driver’s licence.

Men’s classic shorts are midsummer staples

You can wear our men’s classic shorts anytime during the spring or summer, as long as the weather co-operates, and they are welcome essentials for warm weather outdoor training on the football pitch or the basketball or tennis courts, as well as indoor gym workouts on the treadmill, stationary bike, or the boxing ring and if you care to wear them for a session of hot yoga class, then be our guest! Weekend barbecues in the garden with family and friends, or a picnic in the park during the midsummer recess are also perfect occasions for a tidy pair of shorts.

Maintain your summer cool in classic Reebok shorts

In addition to classic shorts for men that should be considered summer staples, we also offer other clothing items that you will find compatible for warm weather employment, such as tank tops, short-sleeved and sleeveless t-shirts in assorted designs, colours, and graphics and accessories like invisible socks and ankle socks, caps, hats, and sunglasses to help you beat the heat and maintain your cool. Backpacks and duffel bags are also on-hand for short trips away from home whether you are travelling for work or savouring a few days out of the city with loved ones.