Men's Classic Gear & Trainers


Men’s Reebok Classics perfect a timeless and elegant style

It’s back to the roots with our division of Classics socks, gear and trainers that combine timeless chic with latest innovation and technology. Retro shoes may look like a wave from the 1980s and '90s with the iconic H-straps, heelclips or sleek designs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy modern shoe technology. EVA-midsoles ensure increased shock absorption and more wearing comfort, while higher durability and better grip are provided by high-abrasion rubber outsoles. Your relaxed and retro look is perfected with our Classics crewneck pullovers and Classics joggers.

Take a journey to the past with Reebok’s Classics for men

You may still remember your first trainer back in the times, and with our men’s Reebok Classics line, a memory becomes the present once more. Inspired by the first looks Reebok provided in the early 1980s and '90s, our Classics line features sleek, casual designs for everyday wear that accompany you to your workout as well as work or outdoor family days. The minimal style of our Classics Workout Plus shoes combines comfort with fantastic sport shoe technology and flexibility for any occasion. The upper comes in a simple, sophisticated design that doesn’t draw too much attention, but provides your foot with good grip and a firm fit.

Back to the basics of sneakers for more flexibility and variation

A simple black or white shoe never goes amiss, and Reebok's men's Classics gear brings the best of sophistication and elegant sportswear back to you. Topped up with the iconic ribbed-cuff sports socks with our logo stitched on, you can assemble a perfectly simple, yet effective outfit for everyday wear. To spice up the classic look, combine your no-frills trainers with our colourful California-inspired Reebok Cross training Games Speed Shorts or smooth grey Panel Jogger Pants. Reebok’s Classics Cotton Joggers pair up nicely with a Classic Vector Long Sleeve tee that keeps you warm for outdoor workouts.